Common methods of distinguishing bearing quality

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Whether the packaging is clear or not: Generally speaking, the brand of the factory has its own special designers to design the packaging, and arrange the factories whose production conditions pass for production, so the packaging is very clear from the line to the color block, without ambiguity.

Whether there is noise: the left hand holds the inner sleeve of the bearing, and the right hand pulls the outer sleeve to rotate, to hear whether there is noise. Due to the backward production conditions of most counterfeit products and the complete manual workshop operation, it is inevitable that sand impurities will be mixed into the production process and hidden in the bearing body, so there will be noise when rotating. This is the biggest difference from the original brand that strictly enforces production standards and operates with machines.

Whether the steel print is clear or not: the bearing body will be printed with brand letters, labels, etc. The font is very small, but most of the products manufactured by the factory use steel printing technology, and the font is pressed before heat treatment. Therefore, although the font is small, it has deep concave and very clear. The fonts of counterfeit products are not only blurred, but also floating on the surface because of rough printing technology. Some of them can be easily erased by hand.

Whether the chamfering is even or not: the so-called chamfering of bearings, that is, the junction between the horizontal and vertical surfaces, counterfeit bearings due to production technology constraints, the treatment of these edge and corner parts is unsatisfactory.

Whether there is a turbid oil stain on the surface: this should be paid special attention to when buying imported bearings. Because the current domestic anti-rust technology is not particularly home, it is easy to leave thick oil marks on the bearing body when anti-rust treatment is carried out, sticky and thick in hand, while the original imported bearings from abroad can hardly see the traces of anti-rust oil, but the specialists who are particularly careful say that imported bearings smell like a kind of flavor, Ken. It must have been rust-proof oil. It's just invisible.

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