What are the advantages of self-balancing multistage pumps?

Announcer:Zhi Bi De  时间:2019-4-2 9:09:58

1. New structure: With symmetrically arranged impeller and rotor components, the axial forces generated by symmetrical impellers at all levels offset each other, so that the automatic balance of the huge axial thrust in the pump chamber can be achieved without using the balancing disk structure, which breaks through the traditional structure of multi-stage pumps.

2. New technologies: unique throttling and decompression devices, odd-order balancing devices, but also play an auxiliary supporting role;

3. High reliability: The symmetrical arrangement of impellers makes the axial thrust generated in operation basically self-balanced, thus eliminating the need for balancing disk devices with small clearance, high pressure drop, easy erosion, easy wear and failure, so as to minimize the adverse impact of the axial force load on the wear of the pump and the interference of the system. The residual axial force is borne by thrust bearings, so that the pump shaft is always in tension state, the stress state of the shaft is uniform, and the peak stress is much lower than that of the prototype structure, which improves the rigidity and critical speed of the pump rotor, and remarkably improves the stability and reliability of the operation of the pump rotor.

4. High efficiency and energy saving: Using advanced hydraulic model, we independently develop high efficiency and energy saving products; because the pump rotor has no wear and axial pulsation of the balancing disc, the neutrality of impeller and guide vane is always in the best state, and the efficiency of multi-stage pump structure will not decrease obviously with the wear of the balancing disc and the forward movement of the rotor components. And there is no leakage of balanced water, which reduces the volume loss, improves the operation efficiency of the pump as a whole, and reduces the shaft power, which is 2% - 3% higher than the average efficiency of the ordinary multi-stage pump.

5. High stability: By optimizing the matching of symmetrical impeller and guide vane, reasonable clearance and wide axial throttling design, the pump can maintain the stability and high efficiency of the wingspan after long-term operation.

6. Strong seal performance: when the pump starts and stops, there is no axial movement of the rotor components and no axial pulsation when it works, which overcomes the problem of poor seal reliability which has been plagued by multi-stage pumps.

7. Easy maintenance: the whole machine adopts three-dimensional design and numerical control processing of rotor components, which strictly ensures the processing size and accuracy of each component; accurate positioning, which can be accomplished by general technicians only according to assembly sequence and requirements of assembly drawings; completely avoiding the need for professionals to adjust the positioning axis of old multi-stage pumps. The rapid change of size brings great convenience to users.

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