Current Situation Environment of Non-standard Automation Equipment

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Non-standard Automation Market Environment

With the development of industry, the demand for workers in all walks of life is increasing by a large margin. In the production sector, the wages of workers in labor-intensive enterprises are a huge expenditure, and the cost is rising sharply. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, the only way to make cheaper products is to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. The speed of manual operation is limited. No matter which station or product, the possibility of machine operation can not be ruled out. The wages of the workers only go up and down (determined by the Labor Law), and they have to be paid on time every month. This cost increases with the prolongation of the working life of the workers.

Current Situation of Non-standard Automation Industry

With the continuous improvement of labor costs, more and more enterprises pay attention to the field of factory automation, which also brings business opportunities to the industry. At the same time, how to improve the service level has become a top priority in the non-standard automation machinery industry. At present, there are many non-standard automation and mechanization enterprises in China, but they are small in scale, backward in technology and homogeneous in competition. How to participate in the competition in this industry has become a challenge.

Generally speaking, most of the current small and medium-sized non-standard automation machinery enterprises are facing three challenges: capital, talent and market. Only by balancing these three challenges, can they survive and have the opportunity to face the market opportunities. Therefore, we must calm down, practise our internal skills, and always adhere to the business policy of credit first, customer first and quality first to serve every customer well. Provide customers with integrated solutions from solution, processing, assembly to debugging. From product conception scheme modeling drawing processing assembly debugging, to provide customers with a set of solutions.

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