How should stone machinery be assembled to ensure its quality?

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In order to ensure the assembly quality of stone machinery products, it is necessary to operate according to the stipulated assembly technology requirements of various stone machinery products. Although the assembling technical requirements of different stone machinery products are different, there are many key points in the assembling process that must be complied with jointly.

1. Do a good job of cleaning and cleaning parts. Cleaning work includes removing residual casting sand, rust, chips and so on. Especially some important parts, such as gantry cutting machine and inner cavity, should be coated with anti-rust paint. Oil stain, rust or attached chips on the parts can be cleaned with diesel oil, kerosene or gasoline as a detergent, and then dried with compressed air.

2. Before matching or joining the matching surfaces, lubricants are generally required. Especially the bearing parts of the spindle box parts and the screw nut parts of the lifting mechanism.

3. The matching dimensions of matching parts should be accurate, and the matching dimensions should be re-checked or sampled during assembly. For example: spindle journal and bearing matching position, spindle box and bearing matching hole and its center distance.

4. Wheel assembly requires that the axle centerline of the two teeth combination wheels must be in the same plane and parallel to each other. Normal gear clearance should be guaranteed, and the axial disis less than 2MM.

5. The assembling requirements of pulleys are that the axes of the two pulleys must be parallel, the center of the groove should be positive, and the tension of pulleys will be uneven if the pulleys are offset, resulting in belt slippage and accelerated wear. At the same time, the triangular belt should be matched before assembling, and the length should be the same to prevent vibration in transmission.

6. Bearings should be cleaned before assembling, and then assembled after removing the anti-rust paint. When cleaning, attention should be paid to checking whether the raceway and rolling body are rusted and the rotation is flexible. When assembling bearings, a layer of lubricating oil should be applied on the surface of the fittings. When assembling, if the pressure difference is too large, the assembly should be stopped for inspection; when assembling bearings, there is no model. The end of the raceway should be inward and shoulder-oriented; the magnitude, direction and position of the additional force should be appropriate when assembling the bearing, so that the rolling body of the raceway should not be subjected to force, and the raceway should be uniformly and symmetrically struck, not slamming, so as to ensure that the end face is perpendicular to the shaft and prevent the installation from tilting.

7. Inspection while assembling.

8. Trial run according to the acceptance conditions of various stone machinery products and test related items. For example, the adjustment and test of tool speed and stroke, the adjustment of lifting motion stroke, the measurement of spindle rotation accuracy, etc.

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