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With the improvement of manufacturer's automation, the production line of manufacturing industry tends to be individualized. The detection link consisting of instruments with single detection data needs a lot of manpower and material resources, which is not suitable for rapid detection. Therefore, the rapid automatic testing equipment with various detection functions is what customers really need. The rapid automatic testing instrument is a kind of "non-standard testing equipment". It needs to conduct in-depth demand investigation on the customer production line and customize the testing scheme. Compared with the similarity of the standardized testing equipment, the customized testing instrument is specially designed. The instrument is tailor-made for testing objects. It has advanced technology, complex structure and high integration, and its core components are a collection of international high-end precision testing components.

Because of the application of the most advanced laser technology, virtual instrument technology, machine vision, electronic software technology and so on, the rapid automatic detector technology content is very high, its appearance makes the original work very complicated, complex, reliable and efficient. At present, this technology has begun to be widely used in defense/military enterprises, automobile manufacturing, photovoltaic industry, high-speed rail and other fields, and has a very broad market prospect.

The manufacturer of customized rapid automatic detector has strong R&D strength and is the main force in the intelligent industry. According to the survey data of the National Development and Reform Commission, 93% of Chinese enterprises do not engage in technological innovation and are highly dependent on foreign technology. Such enterprises without innovation ability have long been excluded from the ranks of intelligent industries. At present, the high-tech enterprises represented by Shenzhen Haoyuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. are the leading manufacturers of customized detectors in China.

In modern measurement and inspection industry, the traditional contact inspection can not meet the inspection requirements. More and more non-contact optical, mechanical, electrical, visual, chemical and other comprehensive inspection technologies will be used to configure the assembly process control production line so as to realize on-line rapid automatic detection. In the future, measurement and inspection will be fast. The direction of rapid, accurate and effective detection is developing.

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